Enjoy reading below about the wineries and distilleries before or after your visit.

BARRA of Mendocino
Girasole Vineyards

Certified organic vineyards and wines made from organically grown grapes. Low in sulfites. The wines of BARRA of Mendocino and Girasole Vineyards reflect the 70 years of experience Charlie Barra has in growing grapes in the unique soils and climate of Redwood Valley. They are made rich by the natural ingredients fed into the soil by planting cover crops, not using pesticides, commercial fertilizers, or applying any other "-cide" to the crop. Our winemaker is a master at coaxing the wine to exude layers of fruit, a generous mid-palate, and the long, lingering finish on each varietal.

7051 North State Street, Redwood Valley • (707) 485-0322

  Barra of Mendocino
Frey Vineyards

Founded in 1980, Frey Vineyards pioneered organic and biodynamic growing and winemaking in the United States. A full line of award winning wines are made without any added sulfites. Our foundation lies on healthy soil—the prerequisite of healthy plants. Family owned and operated, today there are three generations of the extended Frey family working in every phase of production, from pruning to winemaking to marketing. (And, there's even a new generation of musical entertainers gaining significant recognition.) Do take time to enjoy the herb, floral and vegetable gardens that are at the height of their glory. Frey Vineyards is proud to have helped Mendocino County pass a historic vote in March 2003, making Mendocino County the first GMO-free region in the country.

14000 Tomki Road, Redwood Valley • (707) 485-5177
www.freywine.com • info@freywine.com

  Frey Vineyards
Germain-Robin/Craft Distillers

In the summer of 1981, Ansley Coale picked up a hitch-hiker along Highway 101, north of San Francisco. Hubert Germain-Robin came from the Jules Robin family, cognac producers since 1782. Hubert told a sad tale: ancient hand-methods of distillation were disappearing as huge firms applied "improved" high-volume methods. Hubert wanted to distill using craft methods handed down for centuries from master to apprentice. Hubert bought a small antique still from an abandoned cognac distillery and shipped it to Ansley's ranch in Mendocino County. They built a redwood shed, put in the still, and began to experiment using premium wine grapes, a serious innovation.

Since then, we always make our distilling wines from very high-quality varietal Mendocino grapes, then put them through the still using the best traditional craft methods. These world-class grapes give us rich flavor, yet the brandy remains subtle and delicate. The flavors are purer, cleaner and more genuine.

1110 Bel Arbres Road, Redwood Valley •(707) 468-7899
www.craftdistillers.com • smiller@craftdistillers.com

Giuseppe Wines/Neese Vineyards

Giuseppe Rovera came to Calpella, CA, just south of Redwood Valley, from Italy in 1906, and he planted some of the first grapes in the area. The Rovera family has continuously grown quality grapes in the Calpella and Redwood Valley areas since that time. We work hard at keeping our forefather's tradition alive and thus preserving our heritage. Vineyards certified organic Situated in the Redwood Valley appellation, our vineyards produce some of the finest zinfandel California has to offer. Our records show that the zinfandel is harvested around 26 brix, thus allowing the wine to be intense in color, flavor and aroma. Robust and complex, this wine compliments grilled beef , lamb, braised pork or hearty pasta dishes. Saluté!

401 School Way, Redwood Valley • (707) 485-8458
www.giuseppewines.com • neesevineyards@comcast.net

  Giuseppe Wines
Graziano Family of Wines

The Graziano family has been growing and making wine in Mendocino County for three generations, going back to 1918. Greg Graziano, owner and winemaker of the Graziano Family of Wines, is known for creating bold and innovative wine styles from a widely diverse number of varietals, with special emphasis on the pinot family of grapes, zinfandel, and on grapes of Italian heritage, under four separate labels. St. Gregory focuses on Burgundian styles of pinots; Monte Volpe offers wines made from grapes traditionally farmed in Central and Southern Italy; Enotria is dedicated to the classic wine styles and grapes of the Piedmont region of Northern Italy, and the Graziano label specializes in old Mendocino varietals such as zinfandel and petite sirah.

1170 Bel Arbres Road, Redwood Valley • (707) 485-946
www.grazianofamilyofwines.com • info@grazianofamilyofwines.com

  Graziano Family of Wines
Testa Vineyards

Testa Vineyards was established in 1912 by my great grandparents Gaetano and Maria Testa. Gaetano left his homeland of Gallarate, Italy to come to America following his dream to own vineyard land. After working in San Francisco a few years, he then traveled north by train. At the first sight of Calpella it reminded him of his homeland, full of beautiful hillsides and lush trees. He knew this was the land to buy. He then sent for his wife Maria and my grandfather Victor Testa. The whole family worked side by side to clear the land using Belgian horses and dynamite sticks. They planted their first vines and the story began!

The varietals planted on the Testa Ranch are Carignane, Petite Sirah, Zinfandel, Barbera, Grenache and Charbono. Also just to the north is our Gusto Vineyards - Hillside Cabernet Sauvignon. We are able to make the best "Black" wine using our own fruit. We take great pride in the way we farm our land and vines. It shows in the fruit we harvest.

Our ranch is full of memories and stories of all the hard work and challenges that our family has faced throughout the years... but mostly of the good times spent together, making great wine and life-long friends.

6400 North State Street, Calpella, CA 95418 • (707) 485-7051
www.testavineyards.com • On Facebook gusto@saber.net